Semestre 1 - Module 8

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1 Which switching mode describes a switch that transfers a frame as soon as the destination MAC address is read?


* cut-through


latency forwarding

2 What does a switch broadcast to let other switches know of its existence on the LAN?






3 Which of the following network types uses networking devices to extend the distances that cable can be run?

length/shared media

* extended shared media

point-to-point network

extended point-to-point network

multiple access/point-to-point

4 Which of the following is a term associated with replacing hubs with switches to increase the number of collision domains?



* segmentation

layered model

broadcast domain


5 While working on her computer, Mary noticed longer than normal network data transfers. Mary investigates the problem and notices that her co-worker John has been hosting an online video conference. What is the network probably experiencing?

collision storm

* broadcast storm

IP storm

data rain storm

6 Which of the following does a router use to make a forwarding decision?

* destination IP address

MAC address

source IP address

encapsulation address

default gateway

7 A network administrator has a multi-floor LAN to monitor and maintain. Through careful monitoring, the administrator has noticed a large amount of broadcast traffic slowing the network. Which device would you use to best solve this problem?



* router


8 What is a disadvantage of cut-through switching?

* no error checking

a decrease in error checking

decrease in number of collision domains

decrease in bandwidth

increased latency

9 Which of the following would alleviate the problem of excessive collisions in a LAN? (Choose two.)

* reduce the size of collision domains

reduce number of broadcast domains

add extra hubs

* add extra managed switches

add additional transceivers

increase the length of UTP cable runs

10 Which of the following protocols is used to eliminate loops?






11 Which of the following are considered Layer 1 devices? (Choose two.)



* repeater


* hub

12 Which of the following are not to be exceeded when implementing the 5-4-3-2-1 Rule? (Choose three.)

five broadcast domains

* four hubs

three routers

* three host segments

* one collision domain

13 Which of the following describes the concept of full-duplex mode?

traffic passing in one direction at a time with no collisions

traffic passing faster downstream than upstream

* traffic passing equally in both directions with no collisions

traffic passing faster upstream than downstream

14 Which switching mode results in the lowest amount of latency and provides no error checking?

* cut-through




15 What impact does a bridge have on a network? (Choose two.)

reduces the number collision domains

* increases number of collision domains

adds additional broadcast domains

* has no impact on broadcast domains

reduces the length of the shared media

16 Which items are contributors to latency in a switched network? (Choose two.)

* circuit delays

* software delays

incorrect MAC addressing

too many collision domains

17 Which LAN devices make frame forwarding decisions based on MAC addresses? (Choose two.)



* bridge

* switch


18 What does a switch build as it reads MAC addresses that pass through it?

Routing Topology table

* Content Addressable Memory table

Store and Forward list

Cut-through domain

MAC Route Address table

19 What will a bridge do if it receives a frame with a MAC address that is not within the table?

discard frame

ignore frame

send frame to appropriate port

* send frame to all ports except source port

20 A switch reads the first 64 bytes of a data field and forwards data, before the entire data field has been read. Which switching method allows this?

store and forward


* fragment-free



21 Which switching method allows a switch to receive the entire frame before sending it out the destination port?

* store and forward




22 What does a workstation broadcast to learn an unknown MAC address?

RARP request

* ARP request

STA request

STP request

23 Which LAN switching mode has the lowest latency?

* cut-through


latency forwarding


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