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1 Why would it be necessary to configure the bandwidth setting on an EIGRP interface rather than leaving it at the default setting? (Choose two.)

A suboptimal route may be chosen as the best path to a destination if the bandwidth setting is higher than the actual bandwidth of the link.

The network may be unable to converge if the bandwidth setting does not match the actual bandwidth of the link.

Routing updates might arrive too fast for the interface to handle and be discarded because of buffer overflow.

The configured bandwidth must match the actual speed of the link so the link will operate properly.

Setting the bandwidth to a higher rate will optimize the effective throughput of the link.

2 In which of the following tables does the EIGRP DUAL algorithm store the primary route to a destination? (Choose two.)





shortest path

3 Which of the following statements describes the bounded updates used by EIGRP?

Bounded updates are sent to all routers within an autonomous system.

Partial updates are sent only to routers that need the information.

The updates are sent to all routers in the routing table.

Updates are bounded by the routers in the topology table.

4 Which Layer 4 protocol does EIGRP use to provide reliability for the transmission of routing information?







5 Which command will help identify established OSPF neighbor adjacencies?

router# show ospf neighbor

router# debug neighbor events

router# debug ip ospf neighbor

router# show ip ospf neighbor

6 Which router command can be used to identify traffic bottlenecks or locate broken network connections on the path to a destination?






7 Which of the following statements are true of routers that are running EIGRP? (Choose three.)

They can support multiple routed protocols.

They maintain a complex topology database that describes the entire network.

They send their entire routing table to neighboring routers.

They send partial routing updates in response to topology changes.

They send routing updates to all other routers in the network.

They use hello packets to inform neighboring routers of their status.

8 A LAN has been found to be unreachable in an enterprise network that is routing IGRP. Which commands can be used to check the IGRP configuration of the router attached to the unreachable network? (Choose three.)

router# debug igrp

router# show ip route

router# show protocols

router# show ip protocols

router# show interfaces serial

router# show running-configuration

9 A technician has accidentally disconnected an Ethernet cable from a router to a network that is advertised by IGRP. IGRP has issued a triggered update alerting other routers in the enterprise that the network is unreachable. What is the minimum amount of time that will elapse before the other routers will be able to use this network after it is reconnected, assuming default timer settings?

200 seconds

240 seconds

280 seconds

320 seconds

10 Which of the following router commands is recommended only for troubleshooting specific types of network problems, not for monitoring normal network operation?




terminal monitor

11 Host in the network illustrated is unable to ping host How must EIGRP be configured to enable connectivity between the two hosts? (Choose two.)


R1(config-router)# network

R1(config-router)# auto-summary

R1(config-router)# no auto-summary

R2(config-router)# no auto-summary

R2(config-router)# auto-summary

R2(config-router)# network

12 What is the default administrative distance of EIGRP internal routes?







13 What type of command will allow an administrator to check normal router behavior?

show commands

list commands

debug commands

ICMP commands

terminal monitor commands

14 Which of the following types of routes will be denoted by EX in EIGRP routing table entries? (Choose two.)

routes learned from other routing protocols

routes learned from any non-adjacent EIGRP routers

any route with a hop count metric higher than 224

EIGRP routes that originate in different autonomous systems

all passive routes in the routing table

15 Which of the following are found in the EIGRP neighbor table? (Choose two.)

routes installed by DUAL

lowest calculated metric to each destination

network layer address of the neighbor routers

number of EIGRP packets waiting to be sent

feasible distance to each neighbor

16 What tables does EIGRP maintain for each routed protocol it supports? (Choose three.)

adjacency table

topology table

neighbor table

routing table

link state table

ARP table

17 What is the EIGRP term for a backup route?

backup route

default route

feasible successor route


secondary route

successor route

18 One part of the network shown in the graphic uses IGRP and another part uses EIGRP. Which of the following statements are true about this network? (Choose two.)


IP traffic will not be routable from network to network

The routers using IGRP will scale the EIGRP routing metrics by 256.

The route to network will be tagged as external by the EIGRP routers.

The routers in the EIGRP network will convert the 24-bit IGRP metrics to 32-bit EIGRP metrics.

The autonmous system number in the IGRP network must be converted to an EIGRP AS number.

The IGRP router will classify routes learned from the EIGRP routers as internal.

19 Which command will display only the current EIGRP routing table entries?

Router# show ip route

Router# show ip route eigrp

Router# show eigrp route

Router# show eigrp protocol

20 What information is maintained in the EIGRP topology database for a destination route? (Choose three.)

the routing protocol

the feasible distance of the route

the highest cost of the route

the SRTT value for the route

the route cost as advertised by the neighboring router

the physical address of the gateway interface

21 What must be configured for IGRP and EIGRP to automatically share and redistribute information?

identical maximum hop limits

load balancing

identical autonomous system numbers

automatic protocol redistribution

22 What is the advantage of routers forming adjacencies when using EIGRP? (Choose three.)

Neighbor routers can quickly take over for a router that is in passive mode.

New routers and their routes can quickly be discovered by neighbor routers.

A router can share routing loads with neighbor routers.

A router can quickly discover when a neighbor router is no longer available.

Changes in network topology can quickly be shared with neighbor routers.

Neighbor routers can save overhead by sharing their DUAL databases.

23 Which router command will enable IGRP with an autonomous system number of 100?

router(config)# igrp 100

router(config)# router 100

router(config)# router igrp 100

router(config)# router igrp

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